News release of the F.I.P.J.P - Asian Confederation

Following the delegation given by the FIPJP to the Asian Boules Sport Confederation - ABSC - the following measures are immediately applicable:
- Upcoming Asian Championships in Bangkok (Thailand) from December 2017 8th to 10th.
- Pending their accession to the ABSC and a decision of the FIPJP Executive Committee the following countries are temporarily suspended from the FIPJP: Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar.
- Consequently, they cannot currently be registered at the next Youth and Women's Championships from November 3d to 11th in Kaihua (China).
- A federation or some persons organizing a pseudo "Asian championship" would automatically be excluded from the FIPJP and called before its Executive Committee for indiscipline.
- All federations participating in such a competition would incur the same sanctions.
The Executive Committee of the International Federation of Petanque & Provencal game - F.I.P.J.P