World Championships Women 2019 Phnom Penh Cambodia
Shooting in Desbiens Canada 2018
World Championships Open 2012 Marseille (France)
World Championships Youth 2015 Bangkok (Thailand)
Sea Games 2017 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
48th World Championships 2018 in Desbiens Canada
World Championships Women 2019 Phnom Penh Cambodia
Women's World Championships 2009 in Suphanburi (Thailand)
World Championships Shooting 2016 in Madagascar
World Championships Women 2015 Bangkok (Thailand)
Asian Championships 2019 Hanoï Vietnam

Winners Championship Women

boule internationFind palmares Women World Championships since 1988 (launch year of the competition)
Year Event 1ère place 2e place 3e place
2021 Santa Susanna (Spain)
2019 Phnon Penh (Cambodia)  Thailand  Laos Cambodia 1, France 1
2017 Kaihua (China) France Madagascar Cambodia, Italy
Bangkok (Thaïlande)
Thailand 1
Thailand 2
2013 Montauban, France Thaïlande France Cambodge,
2011 Kemer (Turquie) Tunisie Thaïlande Espagne,
2009 Suphanburi (Thailande) Thaïlande France Espagne,
Viet Nam
2008 Samsun (Turkey) Espagne 1 Thaïlande A France,
Thaïlande B
2006 Grenoble (France) Thaïlande Tunisie France 1,
2004 Maspalomas (Spain) Thaïlande Allemagne Israël,
2002 La Tuque (Canada) Espagne Thaïlande Maroc
2000 Hyères (France) Belgique Danemark Espagne
1998 Stockholm (Sweden) Espagne France Belgique
1996 Pori (Finland) Espagne France 2 Madagascar
1994 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) France Canada Madagascar
1992 Lausanne (Switzerland) France Thaïlande 2 Thaïlande 1
1990 Bangkok (Thailand) Thaïlande 2 France Thaïlande
1988 Palma de Mallorca (Spain) Thaïlande Suède Canada

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Infos - News

Welcome in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Welcome in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Our mascot Furia dressed up to make the official presentation of the poster of the World Petanque Championship, which will take place in Santa Susanna in November, and which will host for the first time in history in the same place 3 competitions in triples (Men, Women, and Youth).
Visit to the World Championships 2022 in Denmark

Visit to the World Championships 2022 in Denmark

Last Wednesday, August 25th, the Danish Pétanque Federation received the visit of Claude Azéma, President of the FIPJP, who came to Denmark to inspect the site and the installations of Karlslunde Idrætsforening, in the municipality of Greve, where the Individual & Doublettes World Championships ...
World Championships 2021 to be held in Spain

World Championships 2021 to be held in Spain

In its meeting of 11 July, the members of the FIPJP Executive Committee considered that, like most other sports, it was necessary to start occupying the ground again and not to accept without acting a new blank year. After the visit of several sites ready to replace Lausanne (Switzerland) and ...
World Championships 2022 in Denmark

World Championships 2022 in Denmark

The next World Championships in individual Pétanque, women's & men's doubles and mixed doubles will take place from 12 to 15 May 2022 in Karlslunde, Denmark.