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CIEP 2023


Procedure for the coach training

Statement of reasons
The role of the FIPJP is to promote its specialities in affiliate countries and those who might join.
She cannot afford all of the applications that is why we propose a procedure that seems to us acceptable. The FIPJP must also encourage the development of training in each country in correlation with international graduates, to keep harmony in the training content.
Training in all levels must alternate theory and practice.

Level 1
This is the first level and it corresponds to the initiation and development in petanque and the concepts of Provençal game.
The trainee must be able at the end of probation period of 3 days:
- Know the rules of the game
- Organize a teaching on a given theme session
- Build a cycle
- Concepts for an annual plan
- Describe and demonstrate the gestures of bases
- Evaluating his work and his players
Award of degrees by the trainer appointed by the FIPJP

Level 2
It corresponds to the training of players. Students must be in possession of the 1St level or equivalent course has a duration of 4 days.
The trainee must be able at the end of the training of:
- Schedule an annual training plan based on competitions
- Build training sessions adapted to the level of the players
- Have basic knowledge on the physical and mental preparation
- Lead training for level 1
- Assess and record players using tools of observation
- Lead a group in the trainer-led relationship
- Have a basic knowledge of coaching
In this level we offer:
Award of degrees by the FIPJP trainer

Level 3
This level is intended for coaches selections.
The course has a duration of 5 days and must be part of a competition

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The coach must be able at the end of internship of:

- Master the basics of coaching

- Analyze of game situations and evaluate

- Leading a team during a competition

- Master medical follow-up

- Master psychological follow-up

- Master the physical preparation

- Master the criteria and selection modes

- A lead levels 1 and 2