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CIEP 2023

International Pass was created to allow federations and special for educators andcoaches to evaluate and have a methodology of learning and development of petanquefor players of all ages and from all types of public.

It was designed in three progressive levels for judging the technical and tactical acquisitions of players. Each level represent a technical value and mplaying a constant progression.

Each test must passed successively without time limit between each of them and after validation of each level, in order of difficulty and in accordance with the guidelines of each workshop.

The choice of elliptical tracing corresponds to the tactical and technical requirements of petanque.

It will be necessary to prepare the players for each passage of the test leading in the tests desired.

A Pass will be available to attest to the passage of different levels as well as acomplete kit including all hardware for these tests.

Victor Nataf - The technical committee of the FIPJP

* Download International Pass